Financial advisory focused solely on pre-divorce, divorce and post-divorce needs. 

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Divorce Options

  • There are several options to walk through the divorce process. Learn which one is best for your family.
  • Traditional Litigation,  Cooperative Divorce Process, Collaborative Divorce & Kitchen Table Divorce
  • No matter what option you choose for your divorce, this could be the largest financial transaction of your life. Having a financial expert of your team makes good sense.


  • A proven six step process to privately handle your divorce negotiations.
  • Less time. Less costly. Less trauma for you and your children.

Wise Woman’s Guide to Divorce

Educate yourself on the legal matters of divorce, finance, and spousal and child support.

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Educating yourself on financial support before and after divorce
  • Learning coping strategies for dealing with the divorce process

Denise French

CDFA, Founder of Divorce Strategies Group

Denise French of Divorce Strategies Group combines the complexities of divorce mediation and divorce finance to help clients structure creative solutions which enable both sides to keep more of what they own, and spend less time and energy on divorce proceedings.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped me see what my finances would be after the divorce. This helped me pick which settlement option proposed to pick.”

Lara C.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped my wife and I split the estate and helped me after the divorce when I was dealing with setting up child support with the state.”

Jennifer O.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped me feel comfortable with the settlement my husband proposed. She gave me peace of mind.”

Chris C.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped me put it all together. I was overwhelmed with the different accounts and how to handle finances after. She helped me with all of this.”

Chris C.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise had creative ideas to help us work out our child visitation schedule with my wife’s work schedule. She was professional and knowledgable about how to divide our assets and debts and helping us with kid schedules. She added helpful tips from her own time co-parenting – it was very helpful. “

Chris C.