Cooperative Divorce - An Alternative 
to the Long Court Battle

If you know you want to divorce, but dread a long, embittered battle this could be an option for you.   

What is cooperative divorce? 

This is a term and process created by Divorce Strategies Group as an alternative to traditional litigation. 

How does cooperative divorce work?

The parties jointly hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Mediator as a neutral resource to help them with the division of the estate and to determine parenting right, duties and times.  Information is gathered, a plan is created, and then a negotiation session is held where the parties mediate the details.    

Are attorney's involved?

Yes, this is divorce. Attorneys are involved. Each side is represented by their own cooperative focused attorney vetted by Divorce Strategies Group. 

Who does this work for?

This option works for parties who both feel confident that the entire estate is being represented, parties that can focus on the future more than the past, and parties without physical violence or drug abuse. 

How much does divorce cost?

In Texas, the average cost of a litigated case is $15,300 without minor children and $23,500 with minor children. The average time it takes to divorce is 12.5 months.*  

Using the Cooperative Divorce Method with Divorce Strategies Group the average cost, including attorney's fees, is $8500 without minor children and $10,700 with minor children.  The average time for divorce is 90 days.**


** Source: Average time and cost of cooperative divorce cases at our firm to date.  

How do I start the Cooperative Divorce process?

Call Divorce Strategies Group at 281-210-0057 or email us at and ask for a complimentary consultation.