If you know you want to divorce, but dread a long, embittered battle this could be an option for you.   

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst will gather  financial information and create a preliminary divorce plan for the estate. We will also gather family and children information to create a tentative parenting plan.  We then host a mediation session with the spouses together.  

The parties will decide what is right for their family - not a judge, nor dueling attorney's.   We are here to help facilitate this process.  

We create a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) which will finalize the details of the divorce.  That MSA is given to an attorney to draft a divorce decree.  Only one party has to attend a final court hearing to finalize the divorce, and it usually takes only a few minutes. 

Either a neutral attorney, hired hourly is present in the mediation or each side can have their own attorney's present in the mediation.