When separate attorneys are hired to work out a settlement for your divorce, a battle usually develops emotionally and mentally. You often learn to treat your spouse as the enemy while often spending tens of thousands of dollars that could go toward your children’s needs or a dream vacation for you. 

We hire the two spouses together - we are a neutral resource for the family.   We gather  financial and children information, create a preliminary divorce plan for the estate and a tentative parenting plan for minor children based off information gathered in seprate meetings with each spouse.  We then host a mediation session with the spouses together.    The parties will decide what is right for their family - not a judge, nor an attorney.   We help facilitate this process.  

We also create a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) which finalizes the details of the divorce.  That MSA is given to an attorney to draft a divorce decree to file with the courts.  Only one party has to attend a final court hearing to finalize the divorce, and it usually takes only a few minutes. 

If couples desire, an attorney can be present in the mediation but usually it is just the family and the mediator.

Get out of court and get on with your life!