A proven 5 step process where agreements are highlighted, differences negotiated, and individualized settlements can be reached in a private manner. Save time. Save money. Get on with your life.


  1. An initial meeting where we learn about your situation and answer any questions you have. At that meeting we’ll give you a list of documents to provide to us and client data sheets to complete.
  2. You gather your relevant documents and provide to us via a secure, online shared storage system or you can drop to us in the office. We then complete the data analysis and prepare a preliminary divorce report.
  3. We meet with each party, individually. In these private sessions we review the estate, speak openly with each side regarding their desired outcomes, concerns, and goals.  We walk through the preliminary divorce financial plan and discuss each person’s wishes. 
  4. We schedule a mediation session with the parties.  You remain in control of your own lives in this private mediation session.  We work with you until all aspects of your settlement are decided both financially and with minor children.   
  5. Document preparation, filing and finalizing is completed by one of our partner family law attorneys.