Owner operated since 2014, Divorce Strategies Group, LLC is committed to helping families divorce in a softer, gentler manner.  

We help divorce litigants understand their estate, the ramifications of different settlement options and provide financial advice.  

We also help those who are able to avoid long court battles with the cooperative divorce process.   


Denise French is the founder. She is a 21 year veteran financial professional, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and a trained family and child custody mediator. Denise has the personal experience of walking through an ugly divorce in 2007 and overcoming many obstacles.  Now as a remarried mother of 2 children and 3 step children, Denise strives to help others walk through divorce with hope, encouragement and strength. 

We work with a variety of other professionals including... 

Denise French, CRPC, CDFA, Mediator