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  • Divorce Financial  Advocacy  Services 

  • Business Valuation Services 

  • Post-Divorce Financial Transition Assistance 


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Preparing For Divorce

  • Clarify your options
  • Create a plan for the future
  • Identify your fears
  • Connect with the resources you need


Financial Audit of Your Divorce Proposal

  • Protect your financial future
  • Make confident and informed decisions
  • Receive projections that illustrate both long- and short-term financial implications
  • Minimize tax implications

…and more. 


Post-Divorce financial clarity sessions

Divorce is stressful. Money doesn’t have to be. 

  • Find financial peace of mind for your future
  • Identify future goals for your life
  • Create action steps
  • Identify and overcome financial obstacles
  • Restore order to your financial situation

Denise French

CDFA, Founder of Divorce Strategies Group

Denise French of Divorce Strategies Group combines the complexities of divorce mediation and divorce finance to help clients structure creative solutions which enable both sides to keep more of what they own, and spend less time and energy on divorce proceedings.

What Our Clients Have Said

“I’m so glad I met you and can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for all of us. I appreciate you so much!.”

Sharon R.

What Our Clients Have Said

“You’ve done so much more than help me through my divorce. Thank you.”

Molly P.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped me with my finances after divorce. It was so comforting to have someone good walk me through this so I could get on with my life in peace.”

Tracy K.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Thank you for helping us walk through the mediation process. It was not fun but we were able to get through it quickly without spending a fortune.”

Chris C.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped me put it all together. I was overwhelmed with the different accounts and how to handle finances after. She helped me with all of this.”

Chris C.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Denise helped us walk through the mediation process. I’m so grateful we didn’t experience a long fight. We were married over 25 years. I’m glad we are not married and still friends. “

Patricia L.