Collaborative Divorce

We are trained in Collaborative Divorce in Texas as the Financial Neutral. We help attorneys and their clients value the estate. We also provide creative financial solutions to assist the family as a whole while helping each side achieve an outcome that works for them.
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How does it work?

Collaborative Divorce in Texas is a very structured process where professionals assist clients in interest-based negotiations. This provides the opportunity to jointly engage neutral professionals. The process is lawyer driven usually by attorneys who are collaboratively trained and focused. Each client will hire their own collaborative attorney. A financial neutral or mental health neutral may also be consulted as well as business valuators or other professionals as the attorneys see fit. This provides a private, structured environment where settlements can be crafted outside the restrictions of the court system. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, all the attorney’s must be let go and new attorneys are hired for divorce litigation.

How can we help?

We are trained in Collaborative Divorce in Texas Process to work as the financial neutral in a case. We will work together with the attorney’s and the clients to build the financial inventory, advise on financial matters, tax matters related to divorce, separate property tracing, executive compensation package valuating and division, pension valuations, etc. We are the financial neutral expert in the divorce process, and we work collaboratively with the parties and the other professionals until a negotiation is reached. Since we are trained professionals and we have expert resources for Collaborative Divorce in Texas, you can be sure that you’re getting the expert attention to detail and someone who knows the best way to handle these situations.

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