Are you wondering what financial devisions make the most sense for you? If so, we can help.
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We walk alongside those in the divorce process and their attorneys providing financial guidance and financial advice.  If you feel like your spouse has all the knowledge about the finances, we will equalize the negotiation table for you and help you create the best financial settlement for your future.  If you feel confident in your knowledge of the estate, we provide financial guidance in the form of post-divorce financial plans for different settlement options and tax equalization for the estate.  We can also help you best decide how to divide complex financial instruments such as stock units or pension plans.

No matter what your situation, if you are dividing assets and debts, we can help you make informed decisions.  We will help you every step of the way.  Call us for more information on how we can work as your divorce financial advisor.  Here are areas where we have worked with others:


Getting Financial Organized

  • Completing the financial homework that has been assigned by your family law attorney
  • Working through your inventory and creating easy-to-read spreadsheets identifying your assets and debts
  • Help you understand what you own
  • Answer financial questions

Division Questions

  • Analyzing the pros and cons of taking different assets
  • Help you analyze the pros and cons of taking different assets in their entirety or dividing them
  • Help you determine which assets to take when income is needed immediately

Complex Issues

  • Tax issues – ignoring tax issues can cost you thousands and turn a 50/50 split into a 70/30 split.  We tax effect estates when it makes sense
  • Pension plan valuations and division options
  • Value and characterize executive benefit options including RSU’s, stock options, golden parachute plans, and other highly compensated employee and executive benefits
  • Lump sum payouts versus taking monthly income – we will help you weigh the pros and cons of each.


  • Create a financial plan for you after the divorce
  • End of divorce assistance by getting accounts in your name and removing your spouse from the accounts
  • Illustrate social security options and how they will affect your future
  • Managing investment assets moving forward (through French Financial Group) if requested
  • Help you plan and prepare for financial freedom!