Are you concerned about your financial future after divorce? Do you feel like your spouse has the upper hand financially? If so, divorce financial advocacy can help you equalize the negotiation table and help create the best financial settlement for your future.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the financial part of your divorce?  Are you wondering what the right option is for you?  If so, we can help!!  We work alongside you and your attorney providing financial guidance. We will help you every step of the way from cash flow guidance, investment information and all around financial support for your divorce!! 

  • Answer financial questions 
  • Help you understand what you own
  • Making sure you get the most out of your settlement 
  • Help you with tax issues 
  • Forensic investigation of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and real estate
  • Pension plan valuations
  • Value and characterize executive benefit options including RSU’s, stock options, golden parachute plans, and other highly compensated employee and executive benefits 
  • Illustrate social security options and how they will affect your future
  • Create a financial plan for you after the divorce and help you with all the financial transitions 
  • Help you plan for financial freedom!