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A Unique Divorce Solution that Works


Do you and your spouse know divorce is inevitable but don’t want a long, expensive battle?   Have you heard horror stories about divorce or had a bad divorce in the past and don’t want to relive that experience?  Do you want to still be able to get along for your children’s sake?   If so, we can help you.  

Early Intervention divorce mediation in Texas is a way to divorce without the long, drawn-out battle.    We strive to decrease the adversarial court environment and promote a cooperative win-win environment.  Customize your division options and parenting plan to meet your needs – not follow the guidelines of a court who does not know you or your children. 

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 Stay out of court – get on with your life.

At DSG our mediation process combines the expertise of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst trained in all of the financial intricacies of divorce and financial advisory with family law attorneys who truly want to help people walk through divorce amicably.  At Divorce Strategies Group we’re offering a mediation experience like no other. 

This process is a one stop shop for your legal needs, financial concerns and parenting plans.  

divorce mediation 7 step process: 

 1: An initial meeting where we can learn about your situation, answer any questions you have, and receive clarity on the desired outcomes of each party. At this meeting we’ll give you a list of documents to provide and client data sheets to complete.

2. We complete all of the data entry, analysis and report preparation regarding your estate as well as post-divorce cash flows and tax options for each of you. 

3: Individual sessions are scheduled with each party to discuss your interests and review our findings regarding your estate.  This is where we learn about you and help you clarify what you need and want.  

4: We bring in a family law attorney and someone files for divorce. 

5: We schedule a mediation session which includes the family law attorney and our firm together with you.  We help you negotiate all the financial division details of your estate and tax issues.  Our firm provides financial and tax guidance where the attorney provides legal information. 

If you have minor children, we will also help you negotiate the terms of your parenting plan including visitation, child support, communication, parenting rights and duties including medical, psychological and education rights.    We work with you both to obtain a parenting plan you are comfortable with in a win – win environment for everyone.   

6: Divorce decree drafting and finalization by one of preferred partner attorneys who work at a significantly reduced, single, flat rate to handle the legal filings which are necessary to obtain a divorce in Texas.  

7: New Normal Strategy Session — We want to give you the best chance at successfully executing your settlement and financially supporting individual households.   We meet with each of you individually after the decisions are made to create a post-divorce financial plan to help you thrive as you start a new chapter in your life! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Hire An Attorney?

Many people call us assuming, as mediators, we can help you wrap up all the negotiations, put it in writing and you can take that document to a judge and be granted a divorce.  It doesn’t work that way in Texas unfortunately.   The courts  have rules by which you must abide to obtain a divorce.  To complicate matters, different courts can have different minute rules which can prevent you from obtaining a divorce without guidance from a family law attorney.   

To save costs and time we recommend you do this right the first time and be done with it.  In order to do this, you must hire a family law attorney.  In our process you have an attorney and a financial expert  – both of which are mediators –  to help you with negotiations.  Together we provide financial expertise and legal knowledge to help you get through the divorce process in a softer, gentler manner that is done right the first time.

With our process everything is charged as a FLAT RATE.  Nothing is hourly with our mediation package.   You will know exactly what you are paying for before you begin the process and you will know exactly what you are getting.  

The attorney will provide the legal guidance where we provide the financial and tax guidance.  Together, it can be the one stop you need for your divorce for a FLAT FEE depending on the complexity of your estate and if minor children are involved. 

How Much Will This Cost?

All fees are FLAT FEES known in advance. 

All in cost without minor children is approximately $6,800.

All in cost with minor children is approximately $9,000.

You are technically hiring three entities with our mediation process.  Your “All In” costs are broken into three pieces:  

1. Divorce Strategies Group has flat fees of $4,000 without minor children and $5,000 with minor children.

2. The attorney mediator charges $1,000 total for a half day mediation (no minor children) and $2,000 total for a full day mediation which is necessary if you have minor children. 

3. You will also need to hire an attorney to file for divorce, draft the documents and finalize your divorce with the courts after the agreements have been reached.  This attorney (legally) must be different than the mediating attorney.   We work with an attorney who charges $1,500 with no minor children or $1,700 with minor children to file, draft and finalize your divorce.  Lastly, there is a court filing fee which is typically $300 which you pay to the drafting attorney.   

We have sadly, witnessed many litigants spend $50,000, $70,000 and over $100,000 in the traditional divorce process.  Our goal is to help save money for you, your family and get you all through this with your estate and your sanity intact!  Stay out of court, stay in control and get on with your life!!  If you gotta go, go in peace.  


How Long Does the Process Take?

Our process typically takes 30 – 90 days.    

*The average time for a divorce in Texas is 12.5 months.  We will get you through this, typically, much quicker.

What if we disagree strongly on several isues?

Without sounding flippant, this is why you are getting divorced.  We will highlight where you DO agree and facilitate negotiations where you do not agree.    That is what you are hiring us to do!! We do NOT guarantee an outcome, but thus far we have had strong success in helping couples negotiate a settlement.  Our process involves two experienced mediators – one legal and one financial. Together we have mediated hundreds of cases and we have “seen it all”.  We strive to help you get through this with your sanity in check, you pocket-book secure and your children emotionally protected.  

We encourage parties not to discuss hot topics amongst themselves. That is why you have hired us.  We will help you every step of the way.


Why use a Credentialed Mediator?

The Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA) Credential holders meet specific training, continuing education and experience requirements. Credential holders are bound by a mandatory Code of Ethics and a grievance process. The TMCA Credential demonstrates the mediators commitment to delivering quality mediation services.  Denise French is a Credentialed Mediator and the attorney mediators we refer to have decades of mediation experience.