DIVORCE Services & Options


The divorce process, the people involved, and the circumstances of divorce are incredibly varied.  Some couples are so amicable we wonder why they are divorcing.  Some couples have become so embittered with each other they cannot be in the same room together for years.   No matter where you are or what process you use for your divorce, it’s not anything you should have to endure alone. That’s why we have divorce services designed just for you.

As a former divorcee who has been through the divorce process myself, it’s my goal to help others walk through this process with their dignity, sanity and estate intact.

Because divorce is not a “one size fits all” process, we have a menu of services we offer to help a wide variety of people in multiple circumstances. Whether you are in an antagonistic relationship or you and your spouse are amicable, we can help you.

Plan for Financial Freedom – Divorce Financial Advocacy

Has your spouse controlled the funds in your marriage?  Has your spouse kept you out of the finances and in the dark on what you own?  We provide “equalization” services to the spouse who has not traditionally had access to the money. We help people in those situations understand what they own and help them create a plan for financial freedom and peace of mind after the divorce.  We will walk beside you to help you make wise financial decisions.

Are you the monied spouse and worried you’ll have to give up half of your life’s work? We can tax effect your estate and give you options to save as much of your life’s earnings in the division as possible.

Spouse Hiding Money – Divorce Forensic Financial Services

Do you think you spouse is hiding money?  That may be so.  While we cannot guarantee we will find your lost funds, we are specialist in this research. As a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics through the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, Denise French is trained to find money when it’s being hidden.  We will search through tax returns, W2’s, paystubs, boxes of documents our clients have kept through the years, etc.  to help you find your lost funds.

Did you start your job before you were married? If so, you may have funds that are your “separate property” and not technically divided in the marital estate. We can calculate how much of those funds are separate property per the state code and provide evidential reports to substantiate your separate property claims.

Do You Own a Business – Business Valuation Services

We provide specialty business services including valuation of the business and post-divorce business planning.   We own a business too and have had the personal experience of divorcing with a family business.  We understand what you are going through, and we can help you.  We provide not only traditional business valuation services for court, but also lower costs, mediation ready business valuations.  Denise French is a Certified Valuation Analyst through the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

A Softer, Gentler Process – Divorce Mediation or Strategy Sessions

Are you and your spouse equally comfortable with the house finances and want to end this divorce amicably?  If so, the Divorce Mediation process is a venue for couples in this situation to walk through the divorce process in a softer, gentler fashion.  You remain in control of your future with this guided process through divorce negotiations.  Save money.  Save time.   Get on with your life.  Use Early Intervention Mediation to finalize the financial and co-parenting issues regarding your divorce.


Divorce is as complex as the parties involved.  It’s important to have the right team on your side.

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Denise French is qualified to work through the divorce financial planning process for litigants.


Denise French holds the MAFF™, Master Analyst in Financial Forensics through the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.


Certified and qualified, we deliver Business Valuation needs at a much lower cost than the big firms


Whether you need help with simply planning a budget or you want a full financial plan, we can help you reach financial peace of mind.


A private, structured environment where settlements can be crafted outside the restrictions of the court system.