Divorce Strategies Group will work closely with you and your attorney in a variety of ways. We not only help value your estate, we also provide creative financial solutions to effect positive resolutions. We also help you understand how different options will affect your future lifestyle.

Areas of expertise

  • Value the estate and tax effect the estate where necessary
  • Help litigants understand the estate, especially with complex estates including stock accounts, pension plans or businesses as well as basic retirement accounts and brokerage accounts
  • Create financial inventories
  • Provide creative settlement ideas prior to and in mediation
  • Illustrate tax ramifications of claiming children as well as division of different types of assets
  • Provide powerful case exhibits, especially surrounding spousal support, to help litigants reach an agreement
  • Illustration the long-term ramifications of different settlement options post-divorce to help litigants decide on what options to choose in negotiations
  • Post-divorce financial planning including cash flow analysis, estate growth analysis, tax analysis, retirement income and social security planning post-divorce
  • Facilitate Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)’s
  • ROTH/SEP/SIMPLE/TRADITIONAL/ROLLOVER IRA paperwork and transfers post-divorce
  • On-going monitoring of stock options as they vest over time post-divorce
  • Assistance with the transfer of the assets awarded in negotiations, mediation or court after the divorce
  • Financial Advisory for individuals after divorce (*Facilitated through French Financial Group)