Divorce financial advocacy is designed to help you navigate the best financial option for your divorce settlement. As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, we help you find a path to financial freedom.

divorce financial  advocacy


Divorce financial advocacy planning is designed to help you navigate the best financial option for your divorce settlement.   Often, the fee you pay us is far less than the amount you save in taxation or well worth the peace of mind you receive in knowing you’ve created a settlement that provides for your future even during the difficult divorce process.    

Here is a list of divorce financial advocate services that can help you:

  • Explore a multitude of money-saving tools in divorce
  • Value your estate and provide options for a financial division before and during mediation
  • Illustrate projections when you are faced with the option to replace spousal support with estate division variances
  • Cash flow planning which includes the most tax-efficient options for income replacement
  • Illustrate tax ramifications of claiming children as well as the tax effect of different types of assets
  • Forensic investigation of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and real estate
  • Pension plan valuations
  • Characterize and value private equity
  • Lifestyle analysis separating personal assets from business assets when the family owns a small business but did not separate personal from business income and expenses.  
  • Provide powerful exhibits, especially surrounding spousal support, to help litigants reach an agreement
  • Provide detailed, 20-year projections that illustrate how specific asset division options will play out over time 
  • Value and characterize executive benefit options including RSU’s, stock options, golden parachute plans, and other highly compensated employee and executive benefits 
  • Illustrate social security options and how they will affect your future