A proven process where agreements are highlighted, differences negotiated, and individualized settlements can be reached in a private manner. Save time. Save money. Get on with your life.


Do you and your spouse know divorce is inevitable but don’t want a long, expensive battle?   Do you feel confident you understand the assets and debts in your estate?   Have you heard horror stores about divorce or had a bad divorce in the past and don’t want to relive any of this?

The Mediation Process is a way to divorce without the long, drawn out battle.  In mediation, each party has access to a family law attorney and encouraged to have their own.  We have a list of family law attorney’s who understand our process and work to help couples unwind their divorce amicably. 

We hold a mediation session between the parties to help them negotiate the division of the estate, children’s issues and any other issues that need a resolution regarding the divorce. 

The Divorce Strategies Group Mediation Roadmap