A proven process where agreements are highlighted, differences negotiated, and individualized settlements can be reached in a private manner. Save time. Save money. Get on with your life.



Do you and your spouse know divorce is inevitable but don’t want a long, expensive battle?   Do you feel confident you understand the assets and debts in your estate?   Have you heard horror stories about divorce or had a bad divorce in the past and don’t want to relive any of this?

Are you concerned the divorce process might cost too much and you will lose control?  

The Cooperative Divorce Financial Planning process is a way to divorce without the long, drawn out battle.  Walk through the valuation and division of your estate with a financial neutral expertly handling all the financial and tax issues of your divorce. 

This is a simple 6 step process that works:

  1. The couple meets with us in a preliminary meeting where we learn about your estate and your needs. We provide a detailed road map of the process in this meeting.
  2. Once hired, we gather your financial information.
  3. We create a divorce financial plan complete with post-divorce tax and cash flow ramifications. This is a starting point for negotiations.
  4. We meet with each party individually to discuss the initial plan, post-divorce needs and other financial concerns. 
  5. We hold a joint negotiation session where agreements are highlighted, and differences are negotiated.   The goal of this meeting is to finalize the details of your estate in regard to your divorce.  
  6. The parties send their agreement to a family law attorney to complete the legal process. 

Questions We Often Receive: 

Q: Do I have to hire an attorney?

A: Yes.  You do. This is a legal process which requires a legal expert – an attorney.  We have a list of cooperative focused attorneys we recommend who understand our process and respect the wishes of those trying to divorce in a non-litigated manner.  We encourage each party to seek their own counsel.  One attorney at least must be hired.

Q: Why do this if I must hire an attorney and you want each of us to have our own attorney?

A: This process requires much less time, financial strain and emotional turmoil on the family compared to the traditional divorce process. Our fees along with our cooperative attorney’s fee tend to be much lower than the attorney’s fees in litigation.

In our process you have a financial expert advising on and handling all the financial and tax details of your divorce.   Your overall costs also remain relatively low as we are working through the details of your divorce in regard to your estate. 


Q: What about our children issues?

A: One of our family law attorney’s, or an attorney of your choice, will discuss your children’s issues with you.


Q: What if this doesn’t work? 

A: We have nearly a 100% success rate thus far.  A few of our cases have not resolved in the negotiation sessions, but have resolved later with legal counsel.   Most of our session resolve after the 5 steps have been completed. 

The parties  would enter traditional litigation if our process does not work.  We will provide our financials to each side and their respective attorney’s if requested, so that the work does not have to be duplicated.   We can continue to act as the financial neutral if desired, but not an advocate for either side.