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Save time. Save Money. Get on with Your Life. Have a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Family Law Trained Mediator expertly handling the details of your estate and financial division.
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Do you and your spouse know divorce is inevitable but don’t want a long, expensive battle?   Do you feel confident you understand the assets and debts in your estate?   Have you heard horror stories about divorce or had a bad divorce in the past and don’t want to relive any of this?

Are you concerned the divorce process might cost too much and you will lose control?  

The divorce strategy process is a way to divorce without the long, drawn out battle.  Walk through the valuation and division of your estate with a financial neutral expertly handling all the financial and tax issues of your divorce.  

This is a simple 6 step process that works:

  1. The couple meets with us in a preliminary meeting where we learn about your estate and your situation.   We provide a detailed road map and costs of the process in this meeting.  We will also give you a list of financial documents needed to complete the process.  The initial meeting is free of charge and usually lasts 20-30 minutes.
  2. Once hired, you send us your financial information in a shared file where you and your spouse can view what has been included. 
  3. We create a preliminary divorce financial plan with your information.  This plan will include your estate as a whole, a proposed division plan, post divorce cash flow planning and tax planning. 
  4. We meet with each of you individually to discuss your wants, wishes and post-divorce needs.   We will review the financial plan for you and make changes if necessary or requested.  
  5. We hold a joint negotiation session where agreements are highlighted, and differences are negotiated.   The goal of this meeting (or meetings) is to create a win-win estate division and a clear financial road map for each of you in the future.   We will also discuss commonly known facts on child division and provide a parenting plan.  We will create a “Settlement of Meetings” folder for you complete with everything you have verbally agreed to, your estate, a proposed division and back up documents.  We will include tax information, post divorce financial planning and child or spousal support options.    You and your spouse will each receive two folders – one for you and one for an attorney.  
  6. You will take the “Settlement of Meetings” folder to a family law attorney to complete the legal process.   We are not attorneys.  We are not providing legal guidance or services.  

Questions We Often Receive: 

Q: Do I have to hire an attorney?

A: This is a legal process.  Attorneys can not only provide legal advice, but also peace of mind.  We have a list of cooperative focused attorneys we recommend who understand our process and respect the wishes of those trying to divorce in a non-litigated manner. 

We encourage each party to seek their own counsel, but ultimately it’s up to you.   We are not attorneys.  We do not file any documents with the court nor draft any legal documents.  

Q: How much will this cost?

A:  Our divorce financial planning fees are FLAT FEES ranging from $3,000 – $6,000 depending on the complexity of your estate.  This does not include the price for an attorney, court filing fees, complex forensic work (if requested) or the price of any post-divorce deeds or other legal documents.  

Q: How long does the process take? 

A: Our process typically takes 30 – 60 days.  

Texas mandates you wait 60 days from the day of filing for divorce to the day of finalizing.  Typically, the parties file for divorce at the beginning of our process and everything is negotiated by the end of the 60-day waiting period. 

Q: What if we disagree strongly on several issues?

A: Without sounding flippant, that is why you are getting divorced.  We will highlight what you DO agree on and help you negotiate what you do not agree on.  That is what you are hiring us to do!! We do NOT guarantee an outcome, but thus far we have had strong  success in helping couples  negotiate  a settlement.