Financial Forensic Expert Services

Our office can fill the Forensic Accounting needs for your divorcing clients. We provide financial forensic expert consultation and witness services such as tracing, reimbursement claims, wasting claims, value complex estates and provide tax expertise as divorce financial solutions.


When your case needs Forensic Accounting services for a divorce, you can count on Divorce Strategies Group to fill that need in a cost-effective way.  These are the most common areas we help in civil litigation as divorce financial solutions:

  • Expert witness testimony in court or arbitration, and financial expert advisory in mediation
  • Separate property tracing of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts and real estate
  • Pension plan valuations
  • Characterize (marital and separate) and value executive compensation plans including stock sptions (Non-Qualified Stock Options and Incentive Stock Options) and restricted stock units (RSU’s)
  • Characterize and value private equity
  • Lifestyle analysis separating personal assets from business assets when the family owns a small business but did not separate personal from business income and expenses.  We can separate these and provide a report which is coherent, supportable and understandable.
  • All Financial Advisory needs in divorce including: preparation of financials for temporary orders mediation, preparation of financials and planning for final orders mediation or court, valuing the estate and helping with client expectations and emotions
  • Tax effect the estate