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I think a universal truth is that divorce is a tough thing. When you’re in the middle of the process, the light at the end of the tunnel can resemble something short of heaven. I know. I’ve been there myself. I am here to let you know that after the divorce, it gets very different. There were many benefits of divorce in Texas on the other side. Let me share some of the upsides of life after divorce to help get your closer to the light – some lighthearted, some a little deeper.

1. Space
I no longer had to share the office, the garage, the kitchen, etc. I was especially happy to have that closet all to myself. That was the most impactful, immediate gift. I vacuumed it, cleaned it from top to bottom and put my clothes throughout the entire closet just the way I wanted. Bliss.

2. Peaceful Sleeping
After many nights of restless sleep, it was so nice to have my bed all to myself. No longer listening to snoring or going to bed unhappy with someone who doesn’t want to be there. No more sleeping on the couch. The peace of mind was a sweet treat.

3. Control & Freedom at Home
One of the best benefits of divorce in Texas is I could spend all evening watching Say Yes to The Dress, The Voice, American Idol, and chick flick movies! Not that I did, but the choice was mine. It’s now yours too. You can listen to the music you want, watch any shows you want or dance in your home without judgement. ENJOY IT!

emotional gifts

4. Emotional Gifts
I made a list of all the emotional benefits of divorce in Texas I acquired as a result. I was stronger, no doubt. I had shattered the “dance” of my divorce – no longer letting him emotionally control me. I realized I could be a single, working mother and thrive. I realized I was tough, smart and successful – on my own. I had new friends, new hobbies and new meaning in my life. I had 3 pages of “gifts” I wrote after this experience. Try writing yours. You may be very pleasantly surprised!

5.No Money Battles
Almost every couple that divorces had conflict over finances. Be sure to recognize your weaknesses and set a plan to make good decisions for your own personal finances. After you do, it’s nice not to have to battle with anyone about the decision.

Now is your chance to make the most of your second phase. Make it count!! We can help you with the financials through our sister firm French Financial Group. Call today for a post-divorce consultation free of charge.