Divorce Support Group for Men - An On Demand Webinar

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This is a men’s only, on demand webinar for men facing divorce.

Learn about:

  • The divorce process – how it works
  • Fathers’ rights with minor children
  • Property division in Texas 
  • Child support 
  • Spousal support 
  • Marital versus separate property and tracing
  • Businesses in divorce
  • Money savings tools in divorce
Texas divorce support for men
kids and divorce

on demand recordings 

Please email info@DivorceStrategiesGroup.com for an on-demand webinar.   Once payment is made we will send you a link for the courses you choose.  

$50 for lawyer presentation lasting 60 minutes 

$50 for forensic accountant presentation lasting 60 minutes 



Our webinars are offered in two segments – the legal segment and the financial segment.  You may purchase them both or one individually.  A family law attorney is speaking in the legal segment and a divorce focused forensic accountant is speaking in the financial segment.  

Legal Webinar   

In our legal professional webinar a family law attorney discusses the divorce process in general – what to expect and how it works.   Our attorney also discusses your legal rights, the truth about spousal support in Texas as well as child support and visitation. We will also discuss rights and duties as they relate to co-parenting in divorce.  Lastly, we will discuss how to deal with difficult issues, spouses and opposing attorneys  in divorce.  

Financial Webinar   

In our financial professional webinar a forensic account and divorce focused financial advisor discusses the estate valuation and division process.  We also discuss separate and marital property under Texas law, business ownership in marital dissolution, and money saving strategies during divorce.   In addition, we discuss tips and tools to help you succeed financially as you navigate divorce waters.  

PLEASE CALL 281-505-8177 WITH QUESTIONS OR EMAIL info@divorcestrategiesgroup.com.